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About Crash-Mail


Hope you enjoy the site. A few instructions so that you can find your way around my site more easily.


I assume that you would like to browse through my collection of crash-mail. You can do this in the "Gallery". The pages "Before 1950" and "After 1950" show all mail covers in chronological order.


Not all crash-mail items displayed here are for sale. Should you be interested in one of my crash-mail covers please get in touch. I will add a "Paypal button" later.


If you don't like to acquire items over the Internet and rather buy them direct you can either e-mail me at commodore@crash-mail.com or write to me at the address below.


Michael Dawe, Suite 850, 19-21 Crawford Street, London.


If you like to offer me covers that you have for sale please get in touch in the same way.


Michael Dawe

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